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The Need for Equipment Leasing in Nigeria

During the last decade, a number of changes have occurred in Nigeria, which have helped all sectors of the economy, especially the building & construction sectors. The construction industry has outgrown all other sectors of the Nigerian economy in the last three years. Yet, several opportunities exist in the industry especially in equipment leasing. The last 5 years has witnessed increased growth in profits for most construction companies in Nigeria. Recently a number of development projects by government and private sector companies have created opportunities for construction companies to reap substantial revenues. Agriculture is also a flourishing industry in Nigeria and demand for agricultural equipment is similarly significant. Leasing of marine equipment and vessels to oil companies is as well in great demand. However, there is a shortage of construction equipments to maintain these activities.

The following parties: TECHCORR WEST AFRICA LTD. (TECHCORR), AMI CONSULTANTS INC. (AMI), and IGP EQUIPMENT (IGP) desire to establish an equipment leasing company in Nigeria and to eventually serve neighboring countries in West Africa.  TECHCORR  is a Nigeria-based engineering, procurement and construction company. Both AMI and IGP are incorporated and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The parties are interested in collaborating with foreign partners and investors in the project.

Foreign Partnerships: There is no restriction on foreign nationals or foreign entities from doing business in Nigeria. Foreigners may invest and participate in the operation of any enterprise in Nigeria.  The best way, we believe, is to collaborate with a Nigerian-based company.

Potential Benefits to investors

1. International exposure and investment diversification in Africa and its booming construction and farming industries.

2. African countries have resolved that the pathway to reducing poverty and promoting sustainable economic development is via improvements in infrastructure, housing and agriculture. Equipment leasing would play a significant role in these activities, providing   revenue stream and high return on investments to investors at a time in which traditional investment vehicles provide meager rates of return.


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