Real Estate Development


Construction of a mixed development resort estate consisting of 80 detached bungalow houses, shopping mall, and amusement park

  • Location: Imagbon-border town of Lagos/Ogun State/Nigeria
  • Facilitator: TSWC Global Links, Limited
  • Estimated Amount: $10,500.000
  • Estimated Project Delivery: 36 months
  • Estimated Investment Payback Period: 7 – 10 years
  • Needed: Partnerships/Venture Capital

For details contact: Dr. I. Abiaka, AMI Consultants, Inc. at

Village Water Project

Solar powered small scale clean water boreholes for villages

  • Location : Villages in selected African countries
  • Estimated Amount: $10,000 -$15,000 (depending on size of village)
  • Needed: Sponsors

Workforce Development

Training of young African men and women in essential skills that they can translate directly into the workforce. For details contact: Dr. Bob Sherman, AMI Consultants, Inc. at

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